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Opening a successful and sustainable restaurant requires a lot more than simply knowing a couple of good recipes. Above and beyond having a collaboration of ideas and culinary knowledge one will need business and investment plans, management expertise, reliable staff and a passion for operational excellence. It may sound like a daunting task, however running a restaurant is a highly profitable business venture if well conceived and managed.

Restaurant Consulting is all you need to maximize your opportunities in the restaurant business market in the Republic of Belarus! We will provide you with flawless strategy, the best practices and time tested experience, all of which will ensure your success.

We are among the top restaurant consulting companies within the Republic of Belarus. We provide competent and complete consulting on any possible questions and issues surrounding the development of your restaurant business in Belarus.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise are dedicated to assist restaurant owners and operators. Our services include but are not limited to:

Ø Organization and opening new restaurants and development of restaurant chains in Belarus;

Ø Business Plans;

Ø Restaurant Concept development (including opening restaurants in trade and entertainment centers);

Ø Strategies;

Ø Real-estate objects for your investments;

Ø Help in realizing your investment needs;

Ø Maximizing your profits;

Ø Recruiting (HR);

Ø Restaurant Management ;

Ø Representing your interests, providing professional consulting and dedicated help on any stage of your restaurant business;

Ø Saving your time and money.

We will work with you on every stage … planning, designing, organizing, and preparing for a successful start in the restaurant industry!

We know how to jumpstart your restaurant business fast and effectively!

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